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Spellsword - Swords and Sorcery RPG Board game

Spellsword is a board game rpg inspired by the swords and sorcery. Players choose from several available characters and embark on a perilous journey to uncover an ancient lost city. The game makes use of cards that are placed along the board to represent the journey or enemies during encounters.

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What Dwells Beneath - Lovecraftian Themed Escape Room Game

Players awaken to find themselves locked within a dungeon like room deep beneath the ground. Using their wits the players must complete a series of puzzles to escape the room before time runs out and what dwells beneath emerges.

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Dead Echoes - Survival Horror First Person RPG

Dead Echoes is a survival focused roleplaying game with horror elements played from the First-Person perspective (FPS) with a cooperative gameplay structure. Four players work together, taking on one of the classes, to survive and thrive in the post-cataclysmic environment of a human space colony on a distant planet in the future against hostile forces, alien fauna, and a deadly virus.

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Reactor Silo - Unreal Engine 4 FPS Level

The player takes the role of a marine in a massive coastal invasion in a sci-fi setting where humanity is threatened with extinction by a sinister robotic threat. During the opening wave of the operation the player's dropship is shot down forcing them to battle their way through the enemy facility to shut down the coastal defense guns before the next invasion wave arrives.

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Cold Front (Bridge Level) - Unreal Engine 5 Stealth Mission Level

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The player takes control of a special forces operative tasked with infiltrating an enemy nation's secret weapons facility located deep within enemy territory in a snowy mountainous region. The whole level sequence involves the player infiltrating the base via a coastal cliff region before sneaking through a lower harbor section then the upper facility perimeter to get across the bridge into the research section. This document details the original draft of the third level in the sequence where the player needs to get through the perimeter sections of the base then across the bridge into the research wing.

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Forlorn Caverns - TES V: Skyrim Dungeon Level Design

This was designed as part of a design test for a level design class that provided specific elements that must be included in the design. The player is meant to explore an old mine and cavern that has become home to a mage/lich driving the local trolls mad. To save the nearby village the player must delve into the caverns and stop the mage.

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